Rolex DateJust II Replica

Last summer we checked out a Rolex boutique who sold both old (pre-owned) and new Rolex watches so I took the chance to try the DateJust II. The gold/stainless steel Datejust is still the clear winner since it was featured in the Wallstreet movie but the new Datejust II is surely coming a close second. It’s a nice option for those who want a watch that will be appropriate for every occasion.

The Datejust II copy may not be appealing enough for watch collectors but it it’s the perfect watch for just about any occasion. You can give it as a graduation gift, birthday gift or wedding gift for those who only wear one watch their whole life. You just can’t go wrong with the ref 116334 stainless steel Datejust 2. The Datejust II features many of the newest innovations of the company.

The case is typical of the Datejust II is made of a corrosion-resistant block of stainless steel 904L.

The elegant solid 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet with the rapid expansion EasyLink ingenious easily increase the length of the strap for comfort in all conditions.