The Beautiful & Rare Vintage Rolex Daytona 6265 FAP

Rolex has a long history of creating and supplying a variety of professional industries and fields with quality precision chronographs. One example is the Rolex Daytona 6265 FAP, seen in the above image from Bob’s Watches, which was made especially for the Peruvian Air Force or FAP.

The dials on each of these watches are standard and sometimes display the name “Daytona.” However, Ref 6265 has several special distinguishing features which collectors today are eager to find. For example, the words “Fuerza Aerea del Peru” are engraved in black enamel on the case back. Some Daytona 6265 FAP watches also display a unique military identification number etched on the case back.

This week’s TBT is another gem from the ‘100 Percect Rolex’ archive. The focus this time is the Military Daytona

This watch is not only a rare Rolex Daytona 6265 Fuerza Aerea del Peru (FAP), but also the most beautiful Daytona I have ever seen with fantastic brown faded subdials and in beautiful condition.

And as it is a Military Rolex Daytona, it’s really rare and a true grail-watch.

The Rolex Fuerza Aerea Del Peru chronographs were produced with model references from 6238 to 6263/5 by Rolex for the Peruvian Air force in limited numbers (circa 700-800) between early 1960 and the mid 1980s, (the case numbers range from 1 to 6 million).